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We provide an Overview of established NGO's and individuals who fundraise in Ukraine
About Us

Overview of Ukrainian Fundraising

Welcome to Fun4UA, your one-stop destination for a comprehensive overview of fundraising activities during the ongoing war in Ukraine. In this time of crisis, when countless individuals and NGOs are actively raising funds to support Ukraine, we saw the need for a centralized platform that presents a clear and organized representation of these initiatives.

Current Situation

The situation in Ukraine requires immediate humanitarian, medical, and military assistance. Yet, the multitude of fundraising endeavors often creates a chaotic and fragmented landscape, hindering donors' understanding of the overall funding needs and goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the process by offering a comprehensive overview of individuals and NGOs actively fundraising for Ukraine. Through a centralized platform, we aim to enhance understanding of the remaining funding requirements and specific objectives of each fundraiser

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to provide optimal assistance to those in urgent need. With a user-friendly and organized platform, we aim to make a significant impact in mobilizing resources and support for Ukraine during these challenging times. Together, we can bring hope and make a difference for those affected by the war.

Join us in our mission to empower the compassionate individuals and organizations working tirelessly to rebuild and support Ukraine. Together, we can create a brighter future for those who need it most.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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