Here you can find an overview of various established organizations in Ukraine who are fundraising for various versions of aid. 


Renegate Relief Runners

Our primary function in-country is to push relief aid from Western Ukraine into Eastern Ukraine. We have a fundraiser for: 

as well as a fundraiser over on 3xR Twitter for the Kherson Region (e.g., boats, medical needs etc.) 

Emergency Relief - Kakhovka Dam
34k $ / 50k $

Atlas Global Aid

Atlas is focused on utilizing the skills and experience of military veterans to bring rapid-response humanitarian aid. The fundraisers for  organizations consists of: 

as well as a fundraiser for humanitarian and military needs. We raised over 500k$ so far!

Grygorii Tsekhmistrenko IFAK Fundraiser
11k $ / 25k $


OneTeamOneFight is supplying Ukrainian defenders with protective equipment and delivering humanitarian aid to civilians as well as animals. We fundraise for:

as well as various other items that soldiers and civilians are in need of. 
For now a need 4×4 is needed for the crew to deliver important items!

Car for the 1Team1Fight Crew
5k $ / 20k $

Ravens of Hope

Ravens of Hope is supplying Civilians with all the necessary items that they need and are active in humantiarien crisis regions across Ukraine. We are fundraising for:

as well as various other items that are requested from civilians or specific Units. 

RoH Mavic 30T
1.4k $ / 9.2k $

Black Maple Company

Black Maple Company are Canadian veterans now serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Half of profits from our brand are used to buy supplies and supporting foreign fighters in Ukraine. We also help NGO’s bringing medical and food supplies on the frontline. We fundraise for:

besides fundraising for military equipment we are also engaging in delivering of humanitarian & medical aid to various people across the frontline



United24 is the official fundraising Plattform of Ukraine. It was brought to live by the President of Ukraine when the War started. We are fundraising for:

as well as various other fundraisers that are needed to rebuild Ukraine to its former glory. 



MyriaReport is a online Space that is hosted 24/7 by international volunteers that operate independently of any organization. Besides bringing daily news to the people we are also fundraise for various causes. We fundraise for:


Animal Rescue Ukraine

Animal Rescue Ukraine is a Non-Profit Organiozation from Denmark who are focusing their energy primarly in animal rescue in various regions across Ukraine. We are fundraising for:

as well as various other fundraisers that are focused on various humanitarian aid in corporation with other volunteers/organizations.


Blue/Yellow for Ukraine

Blue/Yellow for Ukraine is supporting in their various efforts since 2014 with over $45m raised so far. They are mostly active in the regions that are occupied by Russia and provide needed help there. We fundraise for:



UkraineAidOps is a group of international volunteers securing protective gear and life-saving equipment, delivered directly into the hands of front line defenders in Ukraine. We are fundraising for:

Own the Night: Thermal Optics Fundraiser
4.6 $ / 60k $

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